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Iron Powder

  • High Compressibility Atomized Iron Powder
    LAP100.29H is a type of ultra-pure water atomised iron powder, with AD 2.95-3.10g/cm3, with good compression performance, and is widely used in high strength, high density sintered structural PM parts....
  • Atomized Pure Iron Powder
    LAP100.29 is a kind of ultra-pure water atomized iron powder. With apparent density 2.95-3.10g/cm3, good compressive performance, wide range of application, and it is widely used in the production of high strength and high density sintered structural parts....
  • Reduced Iron Powder
    Reduced iron powder, gray or black powder, also known as sponge iron powder and iron powder reduction.
  • Atomized Iron Powder
    The high compressibility of atomized iron powder makes it a perfect choice for manufacturing pure iron or iron alloy parts with high tensile strength as well as high compressive strength...
  • Sponge Iron Powder
    The material of our reduced sponge iron powder is iron ore or mill scale ,our products characters include high purity, irregular particle shape, low apparent density, high green strength. The main application include powder metallurgy, welding & cutting, friction (brake wrings), chemicals,...
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