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Atomized Iron Powder

The high compressibility of atomized iron powder makes it a perfect choice for manufacturing pure iron or iron alloy parts with high tensile strength as well as high compressive strength...

LWPM Group is the leading Atomized iron powder supplier with state-owned background in China and international competitive Iron Powder manufacturers.

What is atomized iron powder?

Water atomized iron powder has irregularly shaped and high apparent density 2.90-3.10g/cm³,the particles is about 150um, the green density can reach 7.2 g/cm.

Atomized Iron Powder

Atomized Iron Powder

Atomized steel powder

Atomized steel powder

Advantages of LWPM atomized iron powder.

1. High purity

2. High compressibility

3. High strength and high formability

Applications for atomized iron powde?

The Water atomized iron powder is mainly used in powder metallurgy for production of high strength machine parts. Water atomized iron powder may be mixed with graphite, nickel powder ,copper powder and other metal powders to provide specific properties to the final product. It is also mixed with some lubricant such as zinc stearate before compaction.

The high compressibility of atomized iron powder makes it a perfect choice for manufacturing pure iron or iron alloy parts with high tensile strength as well as high compressive strength.

Water atomized iron powder process

atomized iron powder process

1. Iron metal is melted down in an electric arc furnace. The melt is teemed, slag-free, through a bottom hole into a ladle where it is refined. The ladle is then transferred to the atomizing station and the liquid iron is again teemed, slag-free, through a bottom hole in the ladle into a specially designed tundish.

2. From the tundish, the liquid iron flows in through the center of a ring-shaped nozzle, where it is hit by jets of highly pressurized water. At this stage the stream of liquid iron explodes into fine droplets.

3. Swept along by the water jet and water vapor arising in the atomizing process, causes superficial oxidation of the small metal droplets. The solidified droplets and the atomizing water are collected in a container, where they settle as a mud. This mud powder is then de-watered and dried. The dried powder is magnetically separated from slag particles, screened, homogenized, and eventually transported to the annealing and reduction unit where the particles are therefore soft annealed, and their surface oxides and residual carbon are reduced in a belt furnace.

4. After reduction in belt furnace, the C and O content will be reduced to low level and the purity is increased to above 99% with high compressibility the particle size can be controlled by sieving and homogenization.

Our Service:

Technical support

1. Total 9 doctors and 35 bachelors with major powder material work at Tech center to guarantee LWPM can provide the most professional solution for customers with concept making more with less.

2. Tech center can support customers to investigate defects of products and provide professional report to help customers to find the root causes and solve the problems.

Product packaging

1. Automatic powder packing line

2. Standard powder package and customized package by customer's requirements

3. Strong pallet with fumigation treatment

Logistics & delivery

1. LWPM group established strong international logistics system and work with many shipping lines with lower shipping cost.

2. Only 240 kilometers far from Qingdao port and the delivery is absolutely fast and timely.

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