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Reduced Iron Powder

Reduced iron powder, gray or black powder, also known as sponge iron powder and iron powder reduction.

Reduced iron powder, gray or black powder, also known as sponge iron powder and iron powder reduction.

Sponge iron powders grades

●ZTW40.29 (reduced iron powder 40 mesh(425um)) and JHF100.25 (reduced iron powder 100 mesh(150um)) are widely used in welding electrode. Features of the various iron powders we have developed for welding applications include: Narrow size, Consistent chemical and physical properties, Low impurity content. we can also customize the iron powder by buyers requirements.

●FHY80.23 (reduced iron powder 80 mesh(180um)) is specially designed to match the requirements for self lubricating bearings. Its particle size range is chosen to give an optimum pore structure for this application. FHY80.23 can also be added to powder mixes in small quantities to substantially improve green strength.

●FHY100.24 (reduced iron powder 100 mesh(150um)) is a widely used sponge iron powder in the powder metallurgy industry. The green and edge strength of the compacts are very high due to the spongy structure of the powder particles. FHY100.24 has a good compressibility and a low and consistent H2-1oss.

●FHY100.27 (reduced iron powder 100 mesh(150um)) has the best compressibility of all Laiwu sponge iron powder grades. The green strength is also high. It has slightly higher apparent density than FHY100.24 and should be used particularly where high density after single pressing and sintering is desirable.

●We also have reduced iron powder 60 mesh(250um), 200 mesh(75um), 325 mesh(45um), 400 mesh(38um), and 500 mesh(25um).

Sponge iron powder 100 mesh

FHY100 is a high green strength reduced iron powder specifically manufactured for low to medium density P/M applications, resin casting, and rough magnetic paints.

FHY100 is used to manufacture sintered components, soft magnetic components, brazing pastes, magnetic paints, surface coating, magnetic polymers, welding, chemistry and polymer filtrations and many other applications.

FHY100 is one of the most widely used iron powders. It is a very fine iron powder containing particles as small as 325 mesh. This is also the most cost effective product for many applications.

Designation Chemical Properties(%)
C Si Mn P S HL TFe
FHY80.23 0.05 0.15 0.4 0.02 0.03 0.4 98
FHY80.25 0.03 0.15 0.4 0.02 0.03 0.4 98
FHY80.27 0.03 0.15 0.4 0.02 0.03 0.4 98
FHY100.23 0.05 0.12 0.35 0.02 0.03 0.3 98.5
FHY100.24 0.03 0.12 0.35 0.02 0.03 0.3 98.5
FHY100.25 0.03 0.12 0.35 0.02 0.03 0.25 98.5
FHY100.27 0.03 0.12 0.35 0.02 0.03 0.25 98.5

Designation Apparent density Flow rate Green density 600Mpa
g/cm3 sec/50g g/cm3
FHY80.23 2.20-2.45 36 6.5
FHY80.25 2.45-2.65 34 6.55
FHY80.27 2.65-2.80 34 6.6
FHY100.23 2.20-2.35 40 6.6
FHY100.24 2.30-2.45 36 6.6
FHY100.25 2.45-2.65 34 6.6
FHY100.27 2.65-2.80 30 6.7

Designation Particle size distribution(%)
180-200μm 150-180μm 106-150μm 75-106μm 45-75μm <45μm
FHY80.23 ≤3 balance 5~25
FHY80.25 ≤3 balance 5~25
FHY80.27 ≤3 balance 5~25
FHY100.23 0 ≤5 balance 5~30
FHY100.24 0 ≤5 balance 5~30
FHY100.25 0 ≤5 balance 5~30
FHY100.27 0 ≤5 balance 5~30

Compressibility and Copactibility Properties

Sintered Properties

Reduced Iron Powder Features and Benefits

High Consistency

A stable ore base and statistically controlled manufacturing process assure lot-to-lot consistency.

- Improves part consistency

- Increases productivity

- Reduces processing cost

High Purity

Reduced Iron Powder FHY100 is produced from ore, not scrap, assuring a consistently pure product.

- Assures consistency of pre-mix chemistry.

- Improves compressibility

- Extends tool life

- Promotes rapid sintering

High Green Strength

Surface morphology assures powder compacts of good structural integrity.

- Improves thin section morphology

- Facilitates green part handling

Low Growth Characteristic

The high purity and large specific surface area of Reduced Iron Powder FHY100 allow rapid sintering and high dimensional control.

- Allows close-to-die design

- Reduces sintered dimensional variation

- Improves dimensional Control of infiltrated parts.

Product applications including:

powder metallurgy industry (powder metallurgy, sinter metal, bearing, sintered parts, powder metal, automobile sinter parts)

welding industry (welding rods, welding electrodes, flux-cored, metal-cored wires.)

heat pack, hand warmers, packet warmer, hot pack

Friction (brake pad)


flame cutting

diamond tools

surface treatment

water treatment


Oxygen absorbent







magnetic materials

iron tablet

aluminum alloy

chemical replacement

soil amendment

soil dressing

Sponge Iron Powder Application

The Process of Reduced Sponge Iron Powder

The Process of Reduced Sponge Iron Powder

Process for Reduced Iron Powder

Process for Reduced Iron Powder

Key equipments for Reduced Iron Powder Production

LWPM:Your Leading Reduced Iron Powder Manufacturer in China

LWPM group is the leading reduced / sponge iron powders supplier with state-owned background in China and international competitive metal powder player.

LWPM’s reduced / sponge iron powders are used in a wide range of industries and applications. powder metallurgy sintered components is the major application .

Our company also has some other metal powders include water atomized iron powder, pre-allyed powder, non segregation premix powder, stainless steel powder, etc.

Main products include LWPM group established a full set of quality management system with enable us to custom and develop all kinds of new products according to customers requirements.

Certificates include ISO 9001; MSDS; SGS.

LWPM:Reduced Iron Powder Manufacturer

Production process:

1. Tunnel kiln reduction with pure hydrogen reduction.

Technical support

1. Total 9 doctors and 35 bachelors with major powder material work at Tech center to guarantee LWPM can provide the most professional solution for customers with concept making more with less.

2. Tech center can support customers to investigate defects of products and provide professional report to help customers to find the root causes and solve the problems.

Product packaging

1. Automatic powder packing line

2. Standard powder package and customized package by customer’s requirements

3. Strong pallet with fumigation treatment

Logistics & delivery

1. LWPM group established strong international logistics system and work with many shipping lines with lower shipping cost.

2. Only 240 kilometers far from Qingdao port and the delivery is absolutely fast and timely.

LWPM annual production capacity has reached to 200,000 metric tons. We has both sponge iron and atomized powder production line (water atomized, water & vapor combined atomized and inert gas atomized), is currently the largest and the most variety complete with fine quality powder production enterprise.

If You Have any reduced iron powder or technical questions, you are welcome to contact our sales account managers.

Reduced Iron Powder: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

what is reduced iron powder?

The reduced iron powder is generally formed by reduction of ferric oxide in hydrogen or carbon monoxide gas flow under high heat conditions, and the main component is loose iron. Due to the fact that the reduced iron powder itself is powder like and its microstructure is very loose, its surface is active. It is often used as high quality reducing agent in chemical production and laboratory operation.

Reducing iron powder is commonly used to produce sponge iron by reducing iron oxide (iron concentrate, rolled steel scale, etc.) or iron ore reduction by solid or gas reducing agent (coke, charcoal, anthracite, water gas, conversion of natural gas, decomposition of ammonia, hydrogen, etc.). after reduction in tunnel kiln , the iron concentrate powder will become sponge iron cake, after crushing and milling of sponge iron cake to be un annealed powder or non annealed powder. and then annealed in belt furnace with Hydrogen atmosphere.

The quality iron powder produced by reduction method is up to the standard, with Fe ≥ 98%, carbon ≤ 0.01%, phosphorus and sulfur less than 0.03%, and hydrogen loss of 0.1-0.2%.

The green and edge strength of the compacts are very high due to the spongy structure of the powder particles. Reuced sponge iron powder can be used for sinter parts such as shock absorbers and self lubricating bearing etc.

Reduced sponge iron powder is also widely used in many industrial fields, because of its sponge iron total iron can reach more than 98% and fewer impurities, irregular shape, high specific surface area, Low level of impurities, very stable chemical composition, low apparent density, high purity, high inductance, so on.

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