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Powder Metallurgy Additive

  • PM Lubricant Lube JT-340
    Lube JT-340 is a modified wax base lubricant, which retains the advantages of wax, such as easy dewaxing and spot free. Lube JT-340 is a product with excellent comprehensive performance. Due to its excellent lubrication performance, the surface of pressed parts is bright, which improves the......
  • PM Lubricant Lube JT-420
    Lube JT-420 is a lubricant with excellent comprehensive performance. It can provide excellent powder performance for powder mix with only 0.6% addition. Due to its high apparent density and good flowability, it has excellent filling performance and low filling height. Therefore, it has good......
  • Molybdenum disulfide (MoS2)
    Molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) is a lubricant available in three grades—Technical, Technical Fine, and Super Fine. MoS2 content is available from 98% to 99%,typical MoS2 content (calculated average) is 98.5%.
  • Ferrophosphorus(Fe3P)
    Ferro phosphorus is a Symbiosis compounds with a phosphorus content range of 18-26% and silicon content range of 0.1-6%, it is obtained from electric furnace for phosphorus making,smelted in the blast furnace by phosphate ore and iron ore. As an alloy agent,it can also produce phosphate in steel making, it can improve the corrosion resistance and machinability.
  • Natural Graphite Powder
    Graphite is widely used for alloying element of powder metallurgy industry, high quality graphite can avoid some problems of sintering parts, such as pores caused by agglomeration, rust spots on surface, poor function of mixing powder, abnormal metallurgical structure, especially affects the mechanical property. The purity of the graphite powder, particle size distribution, residual acid and alkali, and ash powder are very important for the final sintering parts.
  • Manganese Sulfide(MnS)
    Mns Manganese Sulfide Powder For Mold Release / Metallurgy

    With the development of high strength powder metallurgy iron-based materials, the requirement for cutting performance of materials is increasing. Manganese sulfide is a good additive for iron-based materials with carbon content less than 0.8%. As an important magnetic semiconductor, nano-MnS has potential application value in short-wavelength optoelectronic devices.
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