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What Is The Use Of Powder Metallurgy?

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Powder metallurgy use:

1. Powder metallurgy is mainly used in the production and research of spare parts in the automotive industry, equipment manufacturing, metal industry, aerospace, military industry, instrumentation, hardware tools, electronic appliances, etc., related raw materials, auxiliary materials production, various types of powder Preparation equipment, sintering equipment manufacturing.

2. In military enterprises, heavy-duty weapons and equipment such as armor-piercing projectiles, torpedoes, etc., and brakes such as aircraft tanks must be produced by powder metallurgy.

3. Near-net formation and automated mass production can be realized, thereby effectively reducing production resources and energy consumption.

4. It can make full use of ore, tailings, steelmaking sludge, rolling steel scales, and recycling used metal as raw materials. It is a new technology that can effectively carry out material regeneration and comprehensive utilization.

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