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What Is Powder Metallurgy Molding Technology

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1. Manufacturing technology with high efficiency, energy saving and less pollution:

Powder metallurgy is a process technology for making metal powders and manufacturing metal powders into articles using forming and sintering processes. Powder metallurgy molding in contemporary society is a manufacturing technology that is energy efficient and less polluting. At present, it has been widely used in many industries in China. In the production of our powders, the preparation of powders, the mixing of powders, and the like are included. In many cases, in order to improve the moldability and formability of our powders, we usually add plasticizers such as gasoline, rubber or paraffin in the production process.

2. Modern plastic injection molding technology:

Powder metallurgy molding technology is a new molding technology of powder metallurgy formed by the technology of injection molding of modern plastics into the field of powder metallurgy. Powder metallurgy forming technology is used in locks, power tools and oil-bearing bearings in life.

3. Efficient skills and environmental technology:

Powder metallurgy forming technology is a powder metallurgy technology for preparing large dense metal materials by rapid solidification. It is a near-finishing technology for preparing three-dimensional complex shapes of metal and ceramic parts. It is a high-performance part for making various metals and ceramics. Efficient skills and environmentally friendly processes. Precision parts made of metal powder forming have many new applications in the automotive, chemical, and aerospace industries.

4. Precision forming technology:

As a widely used precision forming technology, powder metallurgy forming technology has the advantages of less chipless processing, high material utilization rate, clean and efficient manufacturing process, low production cost, and can manufacture products with complicated shapes and difficult processing. Powder metallurgy technology achieves the unique properties of parts with a flexible and variable material formulation, especially for the preparation of composite materials.

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