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What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Powder Metallurgy?

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Advantages of powder metallurgy process:

1. Powder metallurgy is suitable for the production of products of the same shape and quantity, especially for products with high processing cost such as gears. The production by powder metallurgy can greatly reduce the production cost.

2. The powder metallurgy method can ensure the correctness and uniformity of the material distribution ratio. Most refractory metals and their compounds, pseudo-alloys and porous materials can only be manufactured by powder metallurgy.

3. Since the powder metallurgy method can be pressed into a final size compact without requiring or rarely requiring subsequent machining, metal can be greatly saved and product cost can be reduced. When the product is manufactured by powder metallurgy, the loss of metal is only 1-5%, and when it is produced by the general casting method, the loss of metal may reach 80%.

4. Since the powder metallurgy process does not melt the material during the material production process, it is not afraid of mixing impurities caused by bismuth and deoxidizer, and the sintering is generally carried out in a vacuum and a reducing atmosphere, and is not afraid of oxidation, and does not give materials. Any contamination, it is possible to produce high purity materials.

Powder metallurgy process disadvantages:

1. Consider the size of the part without batching.

2. The mold cost is relatively higher than the casting mold.

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