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Powder Metallurgy Bearings Are Widely Used In The Home Appliance Industry

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 18-09-2019      Origin: Site

In the development of household appliances, many household appliances will now be used in powder metallurgy processes, and the early stages of powder metallurgy are mainly copper-based bearings. High precision parts, complex shapes of compressor cylinder heads, cylinder liners, and some special performance requirements for powder metallurgy appliance parts are also gradually developed.

China is only the demand for various powder metallurgy structural parts compressors, such as rotary compressor air conditioners and refrigerators, with an annual output of about 355 million units, each requiring 80-350g of powder metallurgy structural parts. Refrigerator connecting rod compressors, the annual output is about 827 million units, each requiring 100g of powder metallurgy structural parts; sliding screw type air conditioners and refrigerator compressors, the annual output is about 3.1 million units, each requiring 30200g of powder metallurgy parts. Household appliances are a large market for powder metallurgy parts, but the shape of these parts is not only complicated, but also requires high temperature and high pressure.

This is also very useful for further improvement of technical equipment level and technical design in powder metallurgical plants. In order to reduce noise, enter the household washing machine, electric fan motor for powder metallurgy bearings, especially low noise, can replace copper in iron-based bearings, the machine noise is 40dB powder metallurgical oil bearings. Due to its self-lubricating, low noise and low price, it is suitable for mass production, so it is widely used in powder metallurgy oil-impregnated bearings, such as cameras, tape recorders and other home appliances.

Iron-based powder metallurgy and copper-based powder metallurgy products have a wide range of applications in the industry. Due to the processing characteristics of powder metallurgy hardware parts, it can be made into oil-containing parts to form lubrication-free parts, but the effect is still worse than oil bath lubrication, which belongs to the boundary lubrication state. This is inseparable from the advantages of oil-impregnated bearings. The special structure makes it unnecessary to add lubricating oil during the operation of the product, which not only saves energy and cost, but also is very beneficial to environmental cleaning.

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